No. 25 – Plants & Plans for all seasons

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No. 25 – Plants & Plans for all seasons

Issue No. 25 of Garden Making with Plants & Plans on the cover is full of garden design ideas for small gardens and big gardens. You can enjoy blooms all year long from spring to through fall with the planting plan outlined with sketches to show the diagram plan for planting. This is Garden Making for spring 2016.

Some of the articles in the issue include:

  • Designing a border that blooms spring through fall, with diagrams to show the peak plants for each season
  • Big impact from small evergreens
  • How to grow bountiful blueberries
  • Highlights and recommendations from the major seed companies
  • New and notable plants for 2016
  • Planting with a purpose: Using plants for specific design purposes
Published Feb. 2016